Ever since she was a young girl, Sneha Varma, was drawn to creative expression through art and design. Regular gifts of canvases and paint allowed Sneha to create her own little “masterpieces” throughout her childhood. However, born into an entrepreneurial family, her parents instilled the importance of becoming a well rounded individual in all areas. Sneha agreed and life eventually led her to a career in accounting.

For a number of years, Sneha worked as a senior accountant in a local chartered accounting firm. While she enjoyed her career, her creative spirit was never far behind. Ever since she could remember, this young lady had quite the affinity to handbags. In 2004, while perusing a magazine, Sneha came across, which later came to be, an iconic handbag from a famous designer. Sneha was so inspired, that she envisioned creating pieces of her own. It was just a matter of time before the urge to design her own bag overcame Sneha. She let her entrepreneurial gene kick in and decided upon a career change in October of 2011.

After much research and self-teaching, Sneha combined her business acumen with her creative visions to create her first collection of contemporary handbags, under her namesake brand, in 2012.

Sneha is married to film technician Adam Landucci and together, they have two sons, Branson and Marco.